Thiya Nam

Thiya Nam (Nam held in standing posture)
Thiya-nam or prayer presentation in standing dancing and rhythmic pasture in group amidst clapping of Bhortal, is a dance based devotional Satriya item. This sort of prayer service has been performed both in satras and households. Such a nam is perfumed by a group of persons consisting of 25 to 30 men. The participants of this nam need to devote energy like a hero (bir) for hours together. Probably due to the heroic nature of this prayer service (nam) it is known as bir- nam. This nam is conducted with the accompaniment of nagras (kettle drum) and talas of various sizes. The hymns are sung selecting stories from the kirtan Gosha, Nam- Gosha, Borgeet, Ramayana and the Mahabharata. The pathak, the corner stone of the prayer service, begins nam in a melodious tune and das cribes the story through his hymns exhibiting motions of his hand in a dancing pose in order to represent the feeling. The men with cymbals and clapping hands with the time beat of nagra and cymbals.

There is no mention of thiya- Nam in the earlier biographies of the saints. Parhaps, it evolved along with the hati system created by Mathuradas who was a member of a chorus party. Morover, some similarities are noticed in the role of the oja with the pathak of Thiya- nam who plays the key role. Now, Thiya- nam seems to occupy the role of earler oja- pali nritya.