Ojhapali is one of the traditional folk dance-drama, which was practised even before the Satriya renaissance in Assamese culture. However, during the period of Srimanta Sankardeva, it entered the Satras and developed as Byash Kirtan as an important part of Satriya culture.
The Byash Kirtan can be defined as a musical performance with acting and dance. The lyrics used in Satriya Ojhapali is the literary creation of Srimanta Sankardeva and Sri Madhabdeva. There are always 19 performers in Byash Kirtan including one Ojha and according to the lyrics, the Ojha performs with his body language and facial expression and he is accompanied by the palis with the instrument Khuti-tal.
The first ojha of Byash-Kirtan at Barpeta Satra was Lakhmana Ojha from Ojha family.