Holi Songs

Mahapurush Madhavdev, to propagate the holi festival, wrote holi songs. Three of his melodious Bargits are regarded as holi songs in early time by the devotees of Barpeta. One of the famous Bargits sung by the devotees as a holi song is ‘Phagu khele karunamoy, a Nanda kumar.’
As it is known that to the first half of 20th century, devotees of Barpeta chanted the holi songs written by Madhavdeva. But, in the first half of 20th century, some of the modern writers pened a number of holi songs. These modern holi songs are also devotional ecstatic hymns, which reveal the heavenly qualities of Lord Krishna. Some of the very significant lyricists of modern holi songs are Ambikagiri Roychoudhury, Prasannalall choudhury, Purushottom Das, Prahlad Chandra Das, Girish Das, Khagendra Nath Das, Phani Talukdar, Kiran Das, Tilak Das, Gokul Pathak. Following the above-mentioned writers, recently, some of the writers have written various holi songs. Pramath Ranjan Kanti, Dhruba Kumar Talukdar, Alarka Das, Hiranmoy Dewri, Rupjit Das, Chinmoy Das etc. are writers, who have introduced modern trend of holi songs.
Holi songs are basically devotional songs, which expresses the ecstatic devotion of bhaktas. The colourful beauty of nature is also revealed through the contents of holi songs. Melodious tune of holi songs is very fascinating. Musical instruments, generally used in holi songs are Dhulki (type of Drum) and taal (a cymbal). Holi songs are not monotonous type of music, but these are sung collectively and collective joy of people is the basic feature of holi songs.