This is a special type of prayer in which the Ojha and Pali perform the literary creation of both the Mahapurusha spiritually. The pattern of its performance differs from that of other Satriya arts. In this art, there is an Ojha and 18 Palis who stand in a crescent pattern to perform.
The development of Ghosha-Kiratan dates back to the period when Sri Madhabdeva met Srimanta Sankardeva in Dhuahat. According to the Charita Puthi, Ramram Guru and Ramcharan Thakur were made ojha and Sarbajoy, Paramananda, Byaskalai, Ratnakar Kandali became pali and they practised the art of Ghosha-Kirtan. During his stay at Sundaridiya, Sri Madhabdeva trained a group led by Mathuradas Burha Aata. When he took the responsibilities of Barpeta Satra as the first Satradhikar, ,Mathuradas Burha Aata made Ghosha-Kirtan an indivisible part of the prayers of the Satras. It is performed in all the Occasional prayers of the Satra. It is worthy of mention that Ghosha-Kirtan is practised only at Barpeta Satra.