Bargeet, a melodious creation of both Srimanta Sankardeva and Sri Madhabadeva, can be defined as the spiritual songs with designated classical notes devoid of material love. Devotion toward Lord Krishna is reflected from the lyrics of these songs and since then it has been occupying a special place in Assamese culture with a high traditional value.

The practice of Bargeets at Barpeta dates back to the time of Srimanta Sankardeva. He wrote as many as 240 Bargeets but many of them were unfortunately destroyed in fire when he handed over them to Kamala Gayan of Barpeta. Only about 30 Bargeets were saved as the disciple of the Great Saint remembered them. Disappointed, he requested Sri Madhabdeva to compose some Bargeets. Sri Madhabadeva composed many Bargeets at various times and in different situations.
Performance of Bargeets has a dignified place since the beginning of Barpeta Satra. Continuous practice and performance have helped to maintain the purest form of these Bargeets as put forwarded by Sri Madhabdeva. Bargeets are used in different parts of Daily and Occasional prayers of Barpeta Satra. They are inseparable from the Gayan-Bayan, Ghosha-Kirtana, Ojhapali and various traditional dance forms. The peculiarity of Bargeets at Barpeta Satra is that same Bargeet is sung differently in Ghosha-Kirtan, Ojhapaliand Gayan-Bayan, but arrangement of the Raga (classical note) does not change.